Fire equipment donation to be considered

EAST LIVERPOOL — Members of city council’s recreation/ordinance committee this week agreed to a plan to help a neighboring community while learning the city may also receive some assistance from the state.

Fire Chief Bill Jones told the committee that, since he was recently able to purchase new air packs, face masks and air bottles with grant funding of more than $140,000 awarded the city department, he would like to donate the used masks and packs to Liverpool Township Volunteer Fire Department.

Jones said that, while the air bottles have expired, the 12 air packs and eight face masks work properly, although not up to current standards, but township Chief Dave Ward is amenable to the donation.

Saying there are people willing to purchase the old equipment, Jones said it is unlikely the city would realize more than $1,000 from the sale and said, since the city was fortunate enough to receive the grant, he believes the neighborly thing to do would be to donate the equipment.

“We do work with them,” Jones said, referring to Liverpool Township firefighters stepping in for mutual aid on city fires. He said at a recent fire his firefighters noticed the township’s packs were older and asked if Ward would like to have their used ones.

Committee members agreed it was a good idea and ordered the legislation to authorize the donation prepared for council’s consideration.

In a turn-about, Chairman Ernest Peachey reported he had been contacted by state Rep. Tim Ginter’s office and asked what could be done to help the city in regard to its parks and playgrounds, for which grant funding is available.

He said Ginter’s representative is waiting for figures once the committee decides whether to refurbish an entire playground or to do projects at each of the six playgrounds in the city.

Service-Safety Director Brian Allen said the Fulmer Park Playground on Moore Street is possibly in the worst condition, but urged the committee to consider trying to get residents who live there to first establish a neighborhood watch group or otherwise “take ownership” of the facility before putting a considerable amount of money into it.

The committee discussed the merits of purchasing equipment just for maintaining playgrounds and parks, or hiring someone to keep the grass mowed. Allen said he has spoken with officials of East Liverpool Municipal Court about possibly re-implementing a work-in-lieu-of-fines program.

Member Scott Barrett said perhaps residents will donate equipment if they are made aware it is needed, and Allen concurred, saying, “If you put the word out to the public, they will help out.”

No recommendations were forwarded for council’s consideration on Monday.