County inmate charged with assaulting corrections officer

LISBON — A corrections officer at the county jail was assaulted by an inmate on Friday but was not seriously injured.

According to the county sheriff’s report, Sgt. Steve Boyd was called to the jail at 7:15 p.m. after it was reported that inmate Robert Barrett, 33, of East Liverpool, had assaulted a corrections officer in an attempt to get out of his cell.

The report stated that the corrections officer was checking the cell doors to make sure they were secure before leaving the post and that when he came to Barrett’s cell, the doors would not shut properly. The officer asked Barrett to stand back while he attempted to get the doors shut, but Barrett ran toward him while they were open and pushed the officer in the chest to get out.

Barrett also grabbed the officer’s microphone off of his shirt and threw it on the floor, at which point another correction officer assisted him with getting Barrett to the floor and back inside his cell.

Fifth-degree felony charges of assault on a correction officer were filed on Barrett and served to him at the jail on Saturday at 8:44 a.m. While attempting to serve the charges Barrett became upset and would not return to his cell and again began to try to leave, at which point a deputy called for backup from the county special response team.

The SRT and deputies were able to get Barrett to return to his cell without any problems, the report stated.

Barrett has previously been convicted on several charges of receiving stolen property and breaking and entering.