Council concerned with erosion caused by culvert

SALINEVILLE — The section of a waterway which should pass through a culvert replaced last summer in Mudtown by the Ohio Department of Transportation has drawn erosion concerns by the Salineville administration.

Mayor Linda Adams told council on Monday the water is backing up on the opposite side of state Route 39 from where large rocks were placed along the banks. The water behind the culvert is eroding the bank along Miner Street, a small road which is utilized by a few homes south of state Route 39. Council discussed that if the bank along the street continues to erode it could eventually also take out the street.

Adams said a representative from ODOT was in town last week and discussed an upcoming project this summer, as well as some guardrail replacement.

The village is being asked to provide about 40 feet of 36-inch plastic pipe and the ODOT will be providing all the labor in replacing the pipe under state Route 164, near where it exits Salineville in the direction heading toward Bergholz. Council members were provided with photos of the current pipe, which is not flowing well and appears to be collapsing at the top.

The work on the pipe replacement and installation of guardrails will begin when the weather improves.

However, Adams said there is no plan to replace guardrail at the corner of state Routes 164 and 39, where the building burned last year. Instead she has been told the corner is finished and will not require a guardrail due to the way it has been sloped.

Council members discussed how they could see a motorist ending up in the field due to the decision.

In other matters:

— Council approved getting a second estimate on work needed for the dump truck and approved additional money being spent to further tear apart the jet truck so it can be determined exacting what parts are needed to repair it.

— Council approved the LEADS information agreement so that the village’s police department can have a sharing agreement with the other law enforcement agencies in the county. Additionally, council approved the Ohio Basic Code for the village for 2018, an annual requirement which provides the proper citation numbers for the police department to issue citations for the year.

— Council also approved the RITA ordinance, although Councilman Jim Wilson did ask questions about penalties being levied against residents in some cases who do not file a quarterly estimate for the tax.