CAC wants to work with officials on community events

WELLSVILLE – A representative of the Wellsville school district’s Community Advisory Committee is looking to work with village officials on future community events.

During Tuesday’s Village Council meeting, school board vice president/committee member Ed Bauer addressed council about the possibility of working with council and Mayor Nancy Murray over how the committee and the village can be able to better the community.

Bauer mentioned that a member of the school board and/or committee – whether it be Bauer, current president Nancy Francis or others – look to attend council meetings on a monthly basis.

“What we’re going to try to do is probably have a representative of the school board or an administrator try to make a meeting once a month with you guys,” Bauer said.

Bauer also provided council with a sample agenda as to what the Community Advisory Committee reviews during each meeting, and also provided some information on the latest developments within the school district.

Bauer mentioned two properties that the district recently purchased, including the former Jehovah’s Witness building on Tiger Drive, to which the one suggestion was to utilize that as the district’s new administration building. The district’s current administrative offices are located at Daw Elementary on Center Street.

Another purchase made by the district, as previously reported, was a house on 10th Street near Beacom Memorial Gymnasium (connected to Daw Elementary). Bauer said the district has been receiving bids for demolition on the house, and the district plans to turn that property into a playground for the school.

Bauer also discussed other events taking place throughout the year.

One event planned will be a Pumpkin Festival, to which the Community Advisory Committee will hold in conjunction with the Wellsville Area Chamber of Commerce during the first weekend of October. He also discussed the annual Back to School Bash, held outside of Wellsville High School, which is being considered for the weekend of Aug. 16.

At that point, Bauer opened up the floor to council for questions or suggestions. At that point, councilwoman Karen Dash suggested perhaps a group of students from the district could be able to help clean portions of the village that street crews can’t get to or have been neglected.

“I think that maybe down the road when the weather breaks, we could probably use a group from the school to, maybe, volunteer their time and service to an area in town and maintain it,” Dash said. “Maybe the 11th Street playground or the gazebo area. We could gather up a service group or board members or teachers or whatever.”

Bauer said that, while he couldn’t guarantee anything, he can see if he could be able to find a group that would be interested in handling any sorts of cleaning up.

Community Advisory Committee meetings are held every so often throughout the year. The next committee meeting is scheduled for March 6 at the conference room at Daw Elementary.