Township looks to improve roads

CALCUTTA — Officials with St. Clair Township have started compiling a list of what roads may possibly be chipped and sealed this summer.

During last week’s trustees meeting, road supervisor Scott Barrett discussed some of the roads that may need repaired in preparation of the chip-and-seal program, organized by the county engineer’s office.

The township is taking into consideration rejoining the program following a one-year hiatus.

Two roads Barrett mentioned needing fixed include Center and Florence roads, which would have to be done through AEP for its work on previous projects. Money from AEP has already been earmarked for those repairs.

“We know we have to fix Center, Florence and that area with AEP,” Barrett said. “Other than that, it’s up to you guys what you want to do from there but we have to fix that.”

The township did not participate in the 2017 program due to limited finances and the emergency purchases of two new ice and snow-removal trucks.

Barrett said the township did work on Longs Church Road, which ended up holding better than anticipated.

“We put a skim coat because we did a couple for Liverpool Township and left Annesley (Road) open, and it held up really good, and ours held up really good” Barrett said. “When you get the difference between the asphalt and the chip-and-seal, in the asphalt, you’re filling in all the bumps, the roads, the shoulders. Sometimes it might be two-inches thick, might only be half-an-inch thick.

“We’ll see how that holds up. If that seems to be the way to hold up, we might be able to do more that way than with the chip-and-seal program.”

Barrett said this approach, which is essentially a preparation for the chip-and-seal program, is being watched on two roads. He said it may be the approach to take in the event no additional money comes in to the township or if residents decide to vote down another road levy that may appear on future ballots.

Trustees will address the chip-and-seal program at a later date.

In regard to its winter road salt, Barrett said the road crew just opened the new mixture and hadn’t used any salt from last year. He said the crew will be putting down the new mixture once the remaining 30 tons of old mixture is used up, and that the crew is fully supplied with salt.

In other business:

— Trustees approved travel expenses for elected officials and staff to attend conferences and continuing education courses in 2018. The board also approved a motion to name trustees Hall and Sabatini as legislative authority representatives for Calcutta Volunteer Fire Department.

— Trustees tabled a motion for renewal of the township’s electric aggregation program, currently with First Energy. Trustees requested more time to review the matter.

— Trustees approved the reading of bills, which totaled $52,333.47. The breakdown included $5,253.81 for road department payroll; $26,426.01 for police department payroll; $497.73 for administration payroll; $1,177.42 for payroll withholdings; and $12,187.75 for invoices paid.

— At the conclusion of the meeting, the board went into executive session to discuss personnel matters. No action was taken.

The next meeting is scheduled noon Jan. 23 at the Township Administration Building on Pugh Road, Calcutta.