EL man arrested following chase through woods

EAST LIVERPOOL — Officers responding Monday afternoon to reports of a domestic dispute at Heights Manor ended up chasing the suspect through the woods onto state Route 11.

Speaking with Derek D. Davis, 30, and Brittany M. Wilke, 25, officers were told by Davis they were arguing about him going to work. When asked how the table got broken, Davis told officers, “I picked it up and threw it so I didn’t go after her.”

Wilke was interviewed separately and told officers that Davis grabbed her by the chin and slammed her head into the couch multiple times, then threatened her with a knife.

While Captain Patrick Wright was speaking with Wilke, Davis fled out a bedroom window, where Wright was able to see tracks in the snow.

Patrolman Chris Green was able to follow the tracks over the hill toward state Route 11, where Davis was seen halfway down the hill and ordered to stop. He continued running from Green, going onto the highway, where he was apprehended by the officer.

Davis was charged with domestic violence and obstructing official business. He was also served a criminal trespass notice for the Heights Manor complex and taken to county jail.

In East Liverpool Municipal Court Tuesday, Davis had a pretrial set Jan. 4. It was noted in court records this is his second domestic violence charge.