Officials discuss remedies to Salineville flooding problems

SALINEVILLE — After a recent storm caused flooding in many of the low lying areas of Salineville, Mayor Linda Adams said she and others recently walked down the creek with Pete Conkle, a district program coordinator from the Soil and Water Conservation District.

Adams said Conkle gave them some ideas about what can be done to clean areas of the Riley Run Creek and what cannot be done. One of the problems is anything removed from the creek — debris or sandbars — must be hauled away. It cannot be left next to the creek.

Councilwoman Nancy Needham said one of the problems is places which are blocked under the bridges, where debris becomes lodged and builds up over time.

However, Adams said Conkle also indicated there may be grants available to help clean out the creek, which should allow the water to flow through the village better. The labor and equipment Salineville uses for the project could be used as part of the match for the grants.

Sometime after the first of the year, council discussed having a town hall meeting on the issue. Needham emphasized the importance of letting the town know they are looking at solutions for the problem, although some of the homes are in flood plain areas.

Street foreman Ralph Ross said he has gone around and unblocked the storm catch basins again after many became clogged during the storm. There was talk about some catch basins in disrepair, such as on on South Alley which is reportedly beginning to collapse.

In other matters:

— Council voted to add Garett Bowling and Chad Bettis to the Board of Public Affairs. After no one ran for the elected positions, council was able to appoint them. Adams said after reviewing the two letters of interest she had no problems recommending these two men to council for approval.

— Council discussed and approved a preliminary agreement involving a real estate swap with Creekside Springs. The business will receive part of a hillside owned by the village and the fire department will gain additional space to park.

— Council discussed concerns about people forgetting that hunting is not allowed inside the village. Law Director Andy Beech noted the village’s laws prohibit the discharge of a firearm within village limits. Council members talked about how some properties, which are actually inside the village limits, are wooded and some people may be unaware the property is in the village.

— Councilman Brian Zaverl said he has an estimate of $14,900 to replace the lights at the village hall, police station and exterior lights with LED lights. Now he is waiting to see what kind of rebate is available through American Electric Power. The village is hoping to see a large savings in electric usage, as they did when the lights at the wastewater treatment plant were upgraded to LED during the recent renovation project.