Lisbon police department to add 2 full time officers

LISBON — The village police department will be adding two full-time officers and going to 10-hour shifts following action taken at this week’s Village Council meeting.

Council approved police Chief Mike Abraham’s request to increase the number of full-time officers from seven to nine and go to 10-hour shifts to reduce the reliance on part-time officers. One of the full-time officers will continue to be assigned to the Columbiana County Drug Task Force.

Abraham was absent from the meeting but received the backing of council’s finance committee after explaining the proposed changes would address the problem he has keeping enough part-time officers to fill all of the hours in a week. The part-time officers provide 105 hours per pay period.

Adding two more full-time officers will result in a net increase of $35,000 to $40,000 to the police department’s budget in 2018. This also enables the police department to switch to 10-hour shifts, which increases coverage by creating a shift overlap of three officers on duty for several hours.

Abraham intends to also work the 10-hour shifts unless it becomes a problem and he find its administratively impossible to be off three days every week.

Council also passed on first reading legislation granting village employees a 3 percent across-the-board pay raise in 2018, which was also recommended for approval by the finance committee. The last across-the-board pay raise was in 2014. Fiscal Officer Tracey Wonner has estimated the increase will cost the village an additional $27,000 next year.