Judge questions corrections officer about jail problems

LISBON — Before former corrections officer Sgt. Edwin Kinsey was allowed to leave the stand during the motions hearing for Tremaine Cowan on Monday, Judge C. Ashley Pike had a few additional questions about some of the problems he has heard about in recent years at the county jail.

First, Pike asked Kinsey why he decided to stop working at the county jail. Kinsey explained another corrections officer had smuggled a contraband item, a razor blade, into the jail. An inmate used the blade to cut his wrist in an attempted suicide. The corrections officer responsible and Kinsey were both terminated and the warden changed at the time.

Then, Pike noted recent grand jury reports have indicated some problems at the jail and he asked Kinsey if things there were as bad as it sounds. Kinsey hesitated and at first declined to answer the question.

Then he offered, “It’s nothing like any place I ever worked before.”