Two city officers save woman’s life

EAST LIVERPOOL — Two city police officers took matters into their own hands when no ambulance crews were available to assist a woman who was having a life-threatening medical episode while driving on state Route 11 about 8 a.m. Saturday.

Officers Jake Talbott and Chris Green loaded Terri Green into one of their police cruisers and each then took turns administering her CPR as they hurriedly drove to East Liverpool City Hospital, which had been alerted and was waiting with a team to take her into the emergency room.

Talbott was checking into a report of an abandoned vehicle in the northbound lane of Route 11 when about a quarter-mile north of the West Ninth Street overpass he came across three vehicles with the flashing lights parked off the side of the road. One of those belonged to Green, 62, of Lisbon Street, who was on her way to Walmart in Calcutta when she had a medical emergency of some sorts. Green was following her daughter, who stopped after noticing her mother had slowed down and then drifted off the road.

The doors were locked but police could see that Green was barely breathing, so the officers immediately called for an ambulance and tow truck. The dispatcher reported Ambulance Service Inc., which has an office in downtown East Liverpool, would be sending a unit. Meanwhile, Kenny Delposen of Calcutta Towing arrived with tools to help them open Ms. Green’s SUV.

Officer Green also arrived on the scene and he began performing sternum rubs in an attempt to wake up Ms. Green, who was only drawing a breath every 30 seconds. When ASI had not arrived, Talbott asked what was the delay, only to be told they did not have an ambulance to send after all.

The dispatcher then called two other local ambulance services and learned neither had units to send, which is when Talbott and Green loaded Ms. Green into a cruiser and took off for the hospital. Meanwhile, Delposen took care of moving and securing the other police cruiser that was being left behind.

The duo headed north to the Calcutta exit and then speeded south on Dresden Avenue back to East Liverpool, with Ms. Green in the front passenger seat and Green in the backseat holding her head upright to keep her airway clear. Talbott said he was driving with his left hand and administering CPR with his right when Ms. Green quit breathing.

Talbott pulled over and officer Green jumped in the front seat and took over administering CPR, which he continued to do until they reached the emergency room parking lot, where hospital staff took over. Ms. Green was flown by helicopter to a Pittsburgh hospital, and Talbott said when he last checked about 1 p.m. she was being treated by staff there.

“We did everything we could to keep her alive and give her a fighting chance,” said officer Green, who is no relation to Ms. Green.

Talbott said he and officer Green were glad they were able to help, but he is puzzled that none of the three local ambulance services had any crews available. “I don’t understand for the life of me, unless it was just bad luck,” he said.