Power plant site victim to illegal dumping – again

Responsible resident pays township for cleanup

WELLSVILLE — The future site of an electric power plant became the site of yet another dumping incident in Yellow Creek Township, but this time, officials were able to determine who created the unlawful deed.

During Tuesday’s trustees’ meeting, Trustee Chairman Kenny Biacco addressed the illegal dumping incident, which took place near Hibbetts Mill Road in the area of where South Field Energy will be building its $1.1 billion, 1,100-megawatt electric power plant.

Biacco said the illegal dumping took place roughly 10 days prior to Tuesday’s meeting, which would have been sometime at the end of September and had been found by the township’s road crew.

“The guys had been working down near Hibbetts Mill Road near Coal Hollow, and they found a fresh dump site,” Biacco said. “It was pretty bad too.”

Biacco said furniture was among the items found at the site, but those items and other trash has since been cleaned up by township crews. Dailey’s Refuse and Recycling also assisted.

However, unlike past instances, Biacco said the township was able to determine who did the dumping. Trustees contacted the female resident in question, who was not named during the meeting, and she was presented with two options.

“Going through it, the three of us (trustees) had enough evidence on a person, and I called her and gave her two choices: either pay to get it cleaned up or we’ll see her in court,” Biacco said.

The resident ultimately paid the township $125, the cost of the cleanup, to which $30 went to Dailey’s for the recycling fees and the other $95 for the township’s labor.

“The board ain’t going to put up with it,” Biacco said. “Yellow Creek Township is not a dump site, and as long as this board is here, it is not going to be a dump site.”

Illegal dumping has been a cause of concern for the trustees throughout the past year with several incidents reported, including two major instances requiring outside assistance.

On Feb. 22, road crews from both Yellow Creek Township and the village of Wellsville collaborated to clean up two large illegal sites found along 25th Street Heights and 16 School Road. In that all-day effort, crews removed various couches, recliners, coffee tables, electronics such as television sets, and other miscellaneous items.

Then in July, nearly 30 large drums of a petroleum-based substance were dumped at the end of Sprouse Road and leaked into Rocky Run Creek. The Columbiana County Sheriff’s Department investigated with cleanup assistance from Wellsville, Highlandtown, Irondale and Toronto fire crews, East Liverpool’s Hazmat team, Ergon Inc., and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.