Township prepares for winter

WEST POINT — Madison Township’s road department will now be turning its attention to preparations for the winter.

Trustees this week approved the purchase of 400 tons of 57-road material, 400 tons of 57-M material, and 400 tons of ash which the road department will use for ice and snow removal this winter season.

The request was made by road foreman Gary Mitchell, who informed the board that 500 tons of material was ordered last winter, which had been mixed with ash that the township still had at the time. He estimated about 300 tons of that material was left.

“I can use some of that 57-M this year in order for chip and seal and choke that all in, and it did work good” Mitchell said.

Trustees, however, decided to go with a new material for the ash following multiple complaints from residents last winter. Residents reported vehicle tires suffered heavy damage due to the material used by the road crews at the time.

“We had a lot of people complaining about the cut tires last year,” Willliams said.

Also in road department matters, Mitchell reported several signs were damaged last week by a motorist traveling along Osbourne and Crews roads.

Mitchell said he contacted the Lisbon post of the State Highway Patrol. Chairman Gary Williams said the township may consider pursuing damages once more information is available.

In other business:

— The township’s Halloween trick-or-treating is scheduled 6-7:30 p.m. Oct. 31. The fire department will provide patrols for the trick-or-treaters during the event.

— Fiscal Officer Tiffany Chetock reported the county engineer’s office will be providing free signage for townships who have an immediate need for various signs, including stop signs, and right and left curve signs. Townships interested must contact the engineer’s office by Sept. 19. Signs will be awarded Sept. 26 on an as-needed basis.

— Williams addressed Mitchell about a mound of slag appearing at the end of Guy Road, to which residents have complained causes their vehicles to slide into state Route 45. Mitchell said he would handle the situation.

Williams also discussed complaints received about Osbourne and Cameron roads regarding holes near the edge of the roadway, citing the possibility of vehicles flipping. Williams recommended the road crew use cold mix to repair the area.

— Trustees approved the payment of bills, which totaled $16,640.51, including two purchase orders.

The next trustees meeting is scheduled 6 p.m. Sept. 27 at the new meeting hall at the Madison Township Garage on state Route 45.