Firefighters kept busy with 2 city fires

Flames shoot through the roof as East Liverpool firefighters pour water onto a vacant Haywood Street house they found fully involved upon arrival just before noon Monday. (Submitted photo)

EAST LIVERPOOL — City firefighters responded to two fires within hours of each other on Monday, starting with a garage fire at 3:38 a.m.

The department received multiple calls of a garage on fire at 1100 Saint George St., where firefighters found the structure engulfed when they arrived.

Two firefighters were on duty when the calls started to come in, and a third alarm was sounded, bringing an additional five firefighters to the scene.

Upon arrival, firefighters found the roof already inside the garage, with a car inside also burning. The vehicle’s gas tank had ruptured, causing firefighters some difficulty in extinguishing the blaze due to the amount of gasoline leaking from the tank.

Although firefighters were able to extinguish the garage fire, they had to allow the fuel leaking from the vehicle to burn itself out, after which they sprayed remaining hot spots.

They remained on the scene until 4:59 a.m.

Neighbors said the house on the property had been vacant about three years, saying that the man who lived there had moved to a different address, according to fire officials, who said they were told the car inside was owned by Maurice Moman, who is staying in Wellsville.

Both the car and garage were total losses.

The owner was listed on fire reports as Joe Ward of East Liverpool.

Firefighters had barely returned to the station and gotten everything cleaned up before they were alerted by the police department at 11:58 a.m. about a fully-involved structure fire at 258 Haywood St.

After they responded with the three men on duty, which included Chief Bill Jones, a third alarm was sounded, bringing out another six men to battle the blaze.

They arrived to find the house fully involved and began attacking the fire from the exterior. A ladder was used to reach the porch roof, and firefighters began attacking the blaze from that position through a front window and door but were called off the porch due to the extent of the fire.

The second story could not be entered due to the fire damage to the floor.

Hissom Roofing provided a backhoe to tear down the house after the roof collapsed, trapping the fire inside multiple areas of the second floor.

Firefighters hit hot spots while the house was torn down.

There was electric service to the house, which was vacant, and AEP disconnected it. Columbia Gas was also on the scene, as was Lifeteam ambulance.

Fire officials said no cause has yet been determined, nor was the origin determined due to the extent of damage. The fire report listed no owner, but the county auditor’s website listed the owner as Terry Vojnovich, of that address.

Firefighters cleared from this fire at 6:34 p.m.