Village moving forward with street repair

WELLSVILLE — Repair work and the replacement of the village’s storm sewers on 11th Street will go forward as village council approved a contractor during Tuesday’s meeting.

Council approved a quote from Pusateri Excavating for $14,185, one of two bids that were submitted to the village, which will go toward repairs on storm sewers and addition of catch basins on 11th Street. The quote was approved, 5-0, with Rosie Gibson absent due to work commitments.

Village Administrator Jerry Medley said there had never been catch basins installed on 11th Street, and he learned that fact after recent work handled by the Buckeye Water District.

“When Buckeye Water come in and replaced the water valves, we realized we had a bigger problem than we wanted,” Medley said. “So the whole thing needs replaced. There’s no basin on either side of the road. The ones toward the post office, there’s no basin there. There’s just a pipe with a grate across it.”

Medley also stated when the installation of storm sewers took place, the previous contractor filled up holes with some of the street signs used in the village.

“I know it’s a shabby job. We didn’t do it. It’s been done before we got there,” Medley said. “It’s something they probably had to do at the time. I don’t know. I wasn’t here for that. I know I wouldn’t have done that, I’d have just left it open, but that’s me. They did what they had to back then. Now I got to do what I have to, to make it right.”

Council member Karen Dash said the resident who lives in front of the tore-up area on 11th Street has been patient the past two months, to which Medley sympathized with the resident.

Meanwhile, council approved the payment of bills, which totaled $6,768.92.

Presented by Fiscal Officer Hoi Black, the breakdown included $1,026.37 toward Axon for 30 taser cartridges; $1,500 to Bill’s Towing Service for air conditioning-related work for the cruiser; $39.87 to Carquest for three gallons of antifreeze; $250 to Campbell’s Signs for “No Overnight Docking” signs; $1,463 to Dallis Dawson for emergency plan for reservoir; $10 to Heaton’s Tire for a plug tire protractor; $700 to Dailey’s Masonry for repairs to the Broadway Avenue fountain; $6.38 for two items from Milligan Hardware; $160 to Pytash for string head for trimmer and bar and chain for saw; $175 to the Review for advertising; $1,204.64 to Southeastern Equipment for repairs to backhoe; $60 to Tractor Supply for safety equipment; $100 to Walmart for a printer for the mayor’s office; and $73.66 for two items from White Glove Supply.