Park board gets paving project update

EAST LIVERPOOL — The final price for the paving project at Thompson Park was more than $81,000.

The Park Board discussed the paving project during its meeting Thursday, learning the total cost as completed to specifications proposed in the initial bid was $81,830.62.

The initial bid was $74,440.61, but additional work included $5,890 for drainage ditches and rip rap, and $1,500 for the installation of two catch basins.

Board president Betsy Wells commended Pusateri Excavating and Dan Dray, who handled the work and provided the proper drainage. She said one contractor told her that “if that road is done right, it’s a 30-year road.”

Wells said, however, that in the last bit of 100 yards, the proper amount of asphalt was not used. She was not sure what the reason for the error. Pusateri, she said, returned and fixed the error.

“It’s a beautiful job, and his guys finished it off so it looks very professional,” board member Arthur Doak said. “I think the drainage is going to be fantastic.”

“I’d like to be over here for the downpour to see where that water goes because it really looks like it’s going to be off the road, which is what we want it to be is off the road,” Wells said.

The project will be paid with revenue from a capital improvement levy previously approved by voters.

In other business:

— Board member Samantha Kinemond, reporting on the final non-monetary donations collected from Park Appreciation Day in June, said the park collected 457 rolls of toilet paper, 125 rolls of paper towels, six shovels, five brooms, nine gallons of weed killer, 408 trash bags, 48 bottles of bathroom cleaner and 22 gallons of bleach.

Wells considered the event a success and said the Park Appreciation Day will be held again in 2018, but will be moved to the fall months instead of the start of summer.

— Superintendent Shawn Rybaczenko said the four benches the park board recently purchased has been assembled and placed in the park. Each of the four benches serve as a dedication to four gentlemen who served the park and made significant contributions over the years: John C. Thompson, Wink Smith, Huff Hoffman and Burl Warrick.

— The board approved three matters regarding the park’s equipment.

The first was to purchase a new Steiner tractor from Hilltop Lawn and Garden of Salem for $21,478.31. The new tractor includes a side arm-cutter, a leaf blower, a front brush hogger, a plow and snow blower. The new Steiner will replace a nearly two decades old tractor with Rybaczenko saying the old one had trouble blowing leaves and has had a oil leak.

The board also approved a motion for repairs to one of the park’s Mule tractors, for $2,000, which is experiencing axle problems.

The third was for a new Gator, which would be purchased from Vernon Dell, for $6,803.68. The Gator would include headlights and a four-wheel drive, and would replace one of the park’s Mule.

City auditor Marilyn Bosco said the board can make the purchases pending available funds.

— The board tabled discussion regarding a possible dog fountain for the park. Wells said she searched for nearly an hour online on information about fountains. She spoke with a foundation president regarding a grant, which Wells believed was to be $600, but learned it was only $360 and was placed in the park’s account as “restricted.”

The board’s next meeting is scheduled for 4 p.m. Sept. 21 at pavilion no. 1 at the park.