Coroner pays employee withholding taxes

LISBON — Columbiana County Coroner Dr. G. Scott Wilson recently paid $4,507 in combined employee withholding taxes owed from claims filed in 2016 and 2017 by the Ohio Department of Taxation.

The newspaper came across the information in county court recently and contacted Wilson, who said this was the first he knew of the claims. Wilson called the state and learned the debts were withholding taxes of some sort for a former office employee who had not worked for him in years. Wilson said he immediately paid what was owed, which he described as an administrative oversight that he was unaware of until contacted by the newspaper.

“To be honest, I must have owed it, so I paid it,” he said, adding, “I knew nothing about it until you called me.”

The state’s court filing listed Wilson’s mailing address as 2303 E. State St., Suite A, Salem, but his office is a half mile away or so on Oak Street. Wilson said he never had an office at that address, and a newspaper search shows no property listing at the location. Wilson did some checking and determined the property was once a doctors’ office complex but he believes it is gone and the property is now the site of the Get-Go gas station.

The newspaper contacted the state taxation department but was told it could not release any further details due to privacy laws.