Local organizer talks ‘No More’ domestic violence campaign

EAST PALESTINE – Recovery from domestic violence is possible, although it may take time, Daryl Hersh of Ozer Ministries said.

Ozer Ministries is a non-profit organization located on North Market Street that offers mental health and medical services.

Hersh is also a contract worker with the county’s Department of Jobs and Family Services (JFS), which is locally sponsoring the national No More Domestic Violence campaign.

Dorothy Kane, who is raising awareness of the campaign across the county, is again encouraging the village to display the teal O-decals she has distributed as part of the campaign.

The purpose of the campaign is to get people to begin talking about domestic violence, to remove the stigma for victims so they can get help.

Kane said she has passed out 6,500 free decals throughout the county to be displayed on windows.

Hersh has worked in domestic violence for 30 years and has had a contract with the JFS for about the last 12 years to do counseling and participate in events to raise awareness.

“I love working with this population. I think mainly because I see such hope. There is recovery, but the individuals have to get to a place where they are willing and ready and want to look for an option,” she said.

She also said that domestic violence is not typically about anger, but power and control.

“Domestic violence involves a number of behaviors … it not only involves violence, but it also involves intimidation, bullying, threats, trying to isolate the person, financial control,” she said.

She added that it can also extend to making threats toward children and pets.

As a result, victims – generally women – have a hard time trusting, she said.

“I see a lot of women recovering. It does take time. If anyone has any questions about relationships, healthy relationships, domestic violence, always feel free to see me,” she said.

She also said she is able to go into homes if necessary when someone in need does not have transportation.

Ozer Ministries can be reached by calling 330-426-2147.