Buckeye Water District upgrades billing software

WELLSVILLE — New servers for the Buckeye Water District’s office staff have been installed, and according to officials, its live launch could take place sooner than expected.

During Thursday’s Board of Trustees meeting, Trustee/Computer Study and Purchase Committee chairman Mike Lynn discussed the installation of the new server by Software Solutions Inc. (SSI), which would allow the district to upgrade software for billing and accounting.

This past fall, trustees approved the upgrade of the office’s billing and accounting software from SSI, which cost around $47,000, but then learned that the district’s old servers were not compatible with the new software, and that an upgrade of servers were needed. The servers were purchased from Richfield shortly after.

In an elaboration on the installation, office manager Gregg Stanley said the new servers are running in line with the current servers and would be monitored by the district’s information technology (IT) consultant, who would also keep in touch with SSI on its progress.

“The new servers, it’s running parallel with our old one,” Stanley said. “It’s not online, but it’s there for him so our IT guy communicates with SSI for time frames on when they need to be done. One of the things need to be done was the parallel installation of the server, so that when upgrades need to be done or any file transfers to that server is there, and so that SSI can look at it also.”

Stanley told the board that he was hoping to have training on the new software by the end of this month and added that SSI is looking at a live launch of the new billing and accounting programs by this November, but Stanley also thought that the launch could take place sooner than November.

“It all depends on how quick it’s adapted by the employees,” Stanley said. “That’s why I think we’re going to go online quicker than that.”