Barborak surrenders certificate of admission to practice law

Virginia Barborak

LISBON — The disbarred local attorney held in contempt for failing to turn over her attorney license documents as ordered by the Ohio Supreme Court has since surrendered one of the documents.

Last week, Virginia M. Barborak turned over her certificate of admission to practice law in the state. This occurred several days after the supreme court ruled she was in contempt of a previous order requiring Barborak surrender her certificate of admission and her attorney registration card as well as file an affidavit of compliance, all by Jan. 18.

When Barborak failed to do any of the three, the court gave her until late February to explain why she should not be held in contempt. When she did not respond by then, the court ruled on March 3 that she was in contempt.

The order for Barborak to turn over the documents needed to practice law and file an affidavit was part of the supreme court’s Dec. 19 decision that permanently disbarred her for misusing more than $150,000 in client funds and then trying to conceal the fact from clients and local courts.

Barborak will remain in contempt of court until she fully complies with the rest of the Dec. 19 order.

Barborak, who had a law practice in Lisbon, also served at one time as village solicitor for Lisbon and as an assistant prosecutor in the county prosecutor’s office.