BOE approves appointments

WELLSVILLE – The Wellsville Board of Education made its decisions on president, vice-president, committee assignments and other matters Monday as it held its reorganizational meeting.

For the second year in a row, the board selected Ed Bauer to serve as president, while Tom Brophey will continue his duties as vice-president.

Bauer and Brophey were both nominated for president as board member Nancy Francis nominated Brophey and Rick Salsberry nominated Bauer. Gary Althiser cast the deciding vote, which went to Bauer, who received three votes to Brophey’s two.

Both Bauer and Brophey took their oaths of office and were sworn in by Treasurer Eva Elliott shortly after their respective nominations and approvals.

Brophey, meanwhile, served as president pro-temp for the reorganizational session as designated during the Dec. 19 regular meeting.

In regard to designations, Brophey will also continue to serve as legislative liaison officer to the Ohio School Boards Association, while Elliott will serve as the Ohio Public Record Training designee.

Also mentioned but not voted on during the meeting was the board’s committee assignments.

Out of the eight committees to be served amongst the board, seven of them-those being the Athletic Board, Buildings and Grounds/Cafeteria, Policy, Superintendent’s Advisory, Transportation, Finance/Audit and Personnel-will consist of two board members, while one board member will serve on the Student Achievement Leadership Team (SALT).

The committee assignments will be presented by Bauer as early as next week.

Meanwhile, the board approved a motion to authorize the treasurer of the district to request advances against all tax settlements; pay all bills within the limits of the appropriations as bills come into the district, when merchandise is received in good condition, and to provide monthly reports to the board of bills paid; invest interim funds in the best interest of the district and deposit earnings into the general fund as required; and to authorize the use of a facsimile signature on Board of Education checks.

Also in monetary matters, the board approved a service fund for board member expenses in the amount of $5,000.

In addition, the board approved the 2017 calendar of regular monthly meetings, which for the most part will take place on the third Monday of each month with three exceptions.

The February meeting, which will be the next one for the board, will be held a week earlier on Feb. 13 since Feb. 20 serves as a legal holiday. The June meeting, which would normally fall on June 19, will instead be held a week later on June 26, and the July meeting, scheduled for July 20, will take place on a Thursday.

All meetings will start at 6:30 p.m. and take place at the conference room inside Daw Elementary.

The reorganizational meeting was the second of three sessions held by the board Monday. It was held after the public hearing on the district’s tax budget for 2017 and was held immediately before the board’s first regular monthly meeting of the year.