Village hires firm, seeks solution to sewage problem

LISBON — The village of Lisbon has hired a Salem engineering firm to come up with a permanent solution to a sewage problem affecting the far end of South Jefferson Street.

The Board of Public Affairs approved hiring the Howells & Baird of Salem for $14,825 to come up with a plan that will recommend one of several options to address the problem.

Senior water plant operator Mike Ours said the problem was discovered about two months ago when the storm sewer line along South Jefferson Street collapsed near where it discharges into the Middle Fork of the Little Beaver Creek. This occurred during a heavy rain, resulting in the storm water backing up with such force that it caused problems at the East Washington Street junction that separates the storm sewer from the sanitary sewer line. This resulted in some sewage being diverted into the storm sewer line.

During the course of the investigation, Ours said they also discovered three homes at the far end of South Jefferson Street and Shenanigan’s Pub were not hooked into sewer system and discharging directly into creek via the storm sewer line. Shenanigan’s opened earlier this year.

An Ohio Environmental Protection Agency official suggested the village install a temporary concrete holding tank to collect sewage from these properties, which are located south of Washington Street, until a pump station can be built. Since Ours does not believe the problem to be that severe, he would rather take the $7,000 it would cost to purchase and install a holding tank and put it toward installing a sanitary sewer line and building a mini-pump station at the end of South Jefferson Street, which is the permanent solution. Another option would to be to hook into an existing pump station located near the creek at the county park district garage.

Ours said Howells & Baird is to determine which of the three options is the most cost efficient and will also satisfy the OEPA.

Whatever the solution, the three homes and Shenanigan’s Pub will not have to pay a tap fee or any assessment.