Teen cited for threatening to shoot classmate, Trump released from custody

LISBON — A 13-year-old United Local student cited for allegedly threatening to use a gun against both a classmate and President-elect Donald Trump, appeared a week later in Columbiana County Juvenile Court on Wednesday, where it was determined he will be released from custody.

Speaking in a soft voice, the boy told Magistrate Douglas King he understood the allegations and wanted to admit the accusations were true. King explained to the boy he could be ordered to stay at the Tobin Center for an additional 83 days if King determined he was guilty or he could be sent to a residential treatment center where he could be ordered to complete a program for six to nine months.

King read the complaint against the boy, which stated on Nov. 9 he threatened to bring a 9mm handgun to United Local Junior High School and shoot a 14-year-old boy in the head after the other boy refused to hide a handgun in his backpack during a school trip to Washington D.C.  Although the court document did not state it, the sheriff’s report from the incident had stated the boy planned to use the gun in Washington, D.C., to shoot Trump.

The charge against the boy if committed by an adult would be considered aggravated menacing, a misdemeanor charge according to the complaint filed in juvenile court by Deputy Jennifer Tucker.

King asked the boy if the allegations in the complaint was right and the boy softly answered, “Mostly.” Then when further questioned by King, the boy said, “All of them.”

The boy, his attorney, Fred Naragon, the boy’s mother and a man identified as his mother’s friend were all in the courtroom. When asked by King, the mother said she would go along with his decision to admit to the allegations, even though she did not agree with it.

At that point, King said he was not going to accept the boy’s plea and instead would set the matter for a further pretrial hearing. A date, though, was not set Wednesday.

Juvenile Prosecutor Bret Apple asked King if he chose to release the boy from the Tobin Center to make his release with stipulations.

The boy has been ordered to remain at home unless he has medical appointments or an expulsion hearing at school; to have no contact with the victim; and to have no access to any social media or electronic devices, with the exception of using a computer to complete homework.

The mother’s friend also agreed to remove all guns from the home and store them at another location.

“Don’t make me regret letting you go home today,” King warned the boy.