Stolen purse leads to 10 months in prison

LISBON — One of two men involved in a purse snatching incident in Calcutta in July pleaded guilty last week to receiving stolen property and forgery and was immediately sentenced to 10 months in prison.

Richard Doychak, 33, Industry, Pa., was not the one responsible for the robbery, but assistant County Prosecutor Ryan Weikart said he was the one who used a check from the woman’s purse to purchase a big screen TV at Walmart for $941.

The man actually accused of the robbery, Shane Kitzmiller, 40, Midland, Pa., is charged with both robbery and receiving stolen property. He has a jury trial scheduled for Dec. 14 on those charges.

According to reports at the time, Vondra Rufener had sat her purse on her bumper while she was loading items into her vehicle at Aldi’s on July 3. Someone Rufener later identified as Kitzmiller came up and snatched the purse, driving away with it while Rufener attempted to stop him. Investigators found images of Doychak getting the TV on surveillance video. The two men reportedly tried to blame each other when interviewed by police investigating the crime.

Rufener spoke at Monday’s hearing prior to sentencing, ending her speech by thanking him for pleading guilty. She pointed out Doychak has two choices about how he spends his days on this earth, either doing good things or bad things. She said she hopes while he is away he chooses to spend the rest of his life doing good things.

“It’s all up to him,” she said.

Doychak told Judge Scott Washam he was sorry for what he did.

“I’ve been doing some searching of myself and I have a support system set up,” he said of his plans for when after he completes his prison sentence. Doychak is credited with time served since he was arrested on July 6.