Purchase of new truck discussed at committee meeting

EAST LIVERPOOL – City council’s utilities committee looked into the possibility of purchasing a new truck to help with bulk trash collection during a meeting held Wednesday.

Safety-Service Director Brian Allen provided the committee with information on a Petersen Industries PL-3 roll-off truck, which would be used to collect bulk garbage throughout the community. The truck’s boom can reach nine inches below the surface, and can extend as far out as 27-feet. The truck would also provide assistance in the event that a tree goes down in the city.

Allen mentioned the truck would be utilized for collection of bulk garbage throughout the city, and could possibly eliminate the need for citywide clean-up days unless the public decides it is still necessary.

“We may do one in the summer if the citizens still feel a need for it. I don’t think there will be a need for it because we’ll be collecting at the curb,” Allen said.

According to Allen, the truck would be a single-man operation and will require a driver to be trained. This will result in a position to be created within the utilities department. Allen added that the city looks to go out for bids on the truck by next month, and would have the truck by either January or February.

The information will be sent to the city’s finance committee for consideration before it goes to city council for a vote.

Meanwhile, during a Parks and Recreation committee meeting held prior to the Utilities meeting, committee chairman Ernest Peachey discussed ideas to help funding for improvements for the parks and the public pool at Thompson Park. A couple suggestions the councilman made include a brochure detailing the parks throughout the city, but also considered a fundraising dinner to go toward funding the improvements.

The fundraising dinner would consist of a sit-down meal and a guest speaker, with the East Liverpool Country Club as a possible venue to be held sometime in the spring. Tables would be sold to businesses and would become a citywide event.

Peachey noted volunteers would be needed for the pools as well as for maintenance to the parks throughout the village, and the committee would look into potential grants to help with the restoration of certain parks including Fulmer Park and Orchard Grove. The committee will look more into the matter in the future.