More talks on funding for water line extension

WELLSVILLE — More talks of funding for a water line extension to Elkrun Township were mentioned in Buckeye Water District Manager Al DeAngelis’ report, which was released during Thursday’s Board of Trustees meeting.

The district is currently looking into funding for a water line extension for Elkrun Township residents, after the township’s trustees appeared before the BWD trustees during the district’s September meeting and requested assistance to secure a grant, citing the bad quality of water currently in the township.

During the September board meeting, DeAngelis asked if any testing was done on the water, to which the Elkrun trustees answered in the affirmative and turned over to DeAngelis for research. Along with service for residents, Elkrun trustees also asked during that meeting if the townships garage could also tap into the water, to which district board members advised them to contact the district office.

Since that time, according to DeAngelis, the district has been in touch with Community Development, and Elkrun trustees have been sending out income surveys to the areas which would receive the service. Once completed, the surveys will be submitted by the district to see if it can qualify for a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG).

DeAngelis also noted that the district has contacted the Appalachia Development Program, and applications will be accepted by the ADP in March for the 2017 funding year.

Meanwhile, DeAngelis also reported that the district’s distribution crew recently replaced six valves in the village of Wellsville, which would enable the district the ability to isolate areas in the village without shutting off service for the entire village due to a water break. He took time to thank the crew members, whom he said spent the course of a work day on the replacements.

“They put in six valves in eight hours and they did a really good job,” DeAngelis said to the board.

In addition, a waterline break was reported on the main transmission line feeding Wellsville taking place over the past month. The break was found at the bell end of the 16-inch line before the Route 45 tank, which allowed emergency crews to isolate the area where the break occurred and still be able to provide water for customers in the village. A leak on the bell end of the line was cited as the cause of the break, and a new line was installed to replace the affected section.

In other business:

— The board approved the October Treasurer’s Report, which indicated a net loss for the district of $675,478.17. Broken down, the district received $306,797.88 in revenue while incurring $982,276.05.

Discussed during Wednesday’s Finance Committee meeting, the major reason for the expenses reaching nearly $1 million was due to four USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) loan payments for the district’s treatment plant on state Route 45, with this sizable payment made during October each calendar year.

Finance Committee Chairman Robert Wines said that along with the aforementioned debt service, insurance payments were also a cause for the large expenditures, but added that Fiscal Officer Tony D’Angelo is keeping up with the information. The report was approved with an 8-0 vote, with Trustee Roy Dray absent.

— Also receiving an 8-0 vote, the board approved a motion–made at the request of the Computer Study/Purchase Committee–to upgrade computer servers in the office from Richfield for a total cost of $8,700.

At the September board meeting, trustees approved the upgrade of the office’s billing and accounting software from Software Solutions, which cost around $47,000. However, committee chairman Mike Lynn reported that an upgrade of the servers is needed since their current servers are not compatible with the new billing and accounting software.

The board will hold its next regular session at 9 a.m. Dec. 15 at council chambers of Wellsville Village Hall on Main Street.