Man found dead at Wellsville motel

WELLSVILLE — Managers at the Emerald Motel, 1901 Clark Ave., called police Oct. 31 to say they had not seen the occupants in one room since the Thursday before and could not get the door opened.

While officers were still talking to the managers on the phone, they managed to get the door opened and told officers an ambulance was needed because they had discovered a woman lying on the floor and a man on the bed who was not breathing.

Officers responded and reported finding the woman naked and covered in feces, while the 52-year-old man on the bed had been dead for “a while.”

The woman was transported to East Liverpool City Hospital by ASI Ambulance, while North Star Critical Care Ambulance removed the man’s body. Neither the man nor the woman were identified in the report.

Managers, who were not named in the report, told police they had been knocking on the door for the last several days prior to this discovery, and the woman told them each time, “We are OK,” but on this day no response was received when they knocked.

At the police station, the managers completed statements in which they said they were told by their boss, Aaron Stevens, to not tell Wellsville police anything and “absolutely do not write a statement,” according to reports.

They wrote that Stevens also told them to “turn a blind eye to the drug usage at the motel” and to clean up the vomit and feces in the room. When they advised him a professional needed to clean the room, Stevens told them to “just use bleach,” according to reports.

The managers also told police the female occupant of the room is mad at them because she and the other occupant “wanted to die together.”

The county coroner was called to the scene, and police are awaiting official rulings on the cause of death.

Stevens, of Fairmont Street in East Liverpool, is listed on the county auditor’s website as owner of the motel.