Malnourished horse leads to cruelty to animals charge

CALCUTTA — Three people were charged Monday by St. Clair Township police with cruelty to animals after a horse was reportedly discovered last week in emaciated condition.

Officers were called to 47163 Calcutta-Smith Ferry Road, property owned by Carla Young, about a horse which appeared neglected and underweight, where they actually found two horses owned by Angel and Rancy Martinez.

One of the horses, which Patrolman Max Nolder said the Martinezes had owned for 16 years, had both hip and rib bones prominently displayed while the other horse, which they had owned since earlier this year, “wasn’t nearly in that condition,” he said.

They said the thin horse was under the care of a veterinarian, and Nolder contacted the vet, who said the horse had been seen in February or March, when it was treated and the Martinezes were given instructions on the proper care and nourishment it would need to regain weight and become healthy.

The veterinarian was at the property the previous week and told Nolder the horse had lost another 50 pounds since the earlier visit and had the body score of 1, the “worst it can get.”

Nolder noted in his report the horse is confined on the property and “has to rely on the owners for proper feed which is not being done.”

He said Monday the Martinezes voluntarily surrendered the horses, which were taken to Angels for Animals and are now in the care of Diane Less.

According to Nolder, Young was charged as the owner of the property because “when you see something like this, you have to speak up.”

They are scheduled to appear in East Liverpool Municipal Court today on the animal cruelty charges.