Drug-related indictments continue to be served

LISBON — A Columbiana man was served with a secret indictment this week for his involvement in part of a larger drug-related indictment that included Tiona Jones and eight other people.

Served by the grand jury was Vincent “Vinny” L. McGary, 37, state Route 517, Columbiana, on charges of engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity with a specification, a first-degree felony, trafficking in drugs, a fourth-degree felony, possession of drugs, a second-degree felony with a forfeiture specification, and two counts endangering children, first-degree misdemeanors.

According to the indictment, McGary was found near a school with less than five grams of cocaine around Feb. 17. Then, on Aug. 12, McGary was found with more than 10 grams but less than 20 grams of cocaine and $1,207 in cash intended to sell cocaine while he was in the presence of a juvenile.

Jones, 34, of Galloway and Warren, is reportedly the ringleader of the drug trafficking and racketeering group and was indicted earlier this week, charged with 24 counts, including engaging in pattern of corrupt activity, which included but was not limited to trafficking in drugs, complicity to trafficking in drugs, money laundering, felonious assault, complicity to felonious assault, possession of drugs, aggravated burglary, complicity to aggravated burglary and conspiracy.

Indictments involving additional co-defendants are expected.