Community control for county man who fired gun near police

LISBON — A Columbiana man who fired a weapon in the direction of police officers in April when they came to his home because of reports he was suicidal was placed on community control on Friday.

In Columbiana County Common Pleas Court, Jesse K. Rapp, 29, Hawkins Lane, Columbiana, apologized for the way things turned out and for bringing a bad light to the city of Columbiana, which he said has been good to his family. Rapp said he is now on his medication, attending church and going to counseling. He told Judge C. Ashley Pike he wants to work and be a taxpayer.

It was a different man than the one charged with using weapons while intoxicated, aggravated menacing and resisting arrest following an incident at his home. On April 11, Rapp had a .45 caliber Springfield XD handgun and a friend had called police after seeing a suicidal threat Rapp posted to Facebook while holding the gun.

At some point during the standoff with police which ensued, Rapp fired the gun through the front window in the direction of police, but no one was harmed.

When Rapp’s mother emerged from the house with the gun and police ordered her to put the handgun down and approach police, Rapp became angry with police for yelling at his mother and came outside to confront them. Eventually, he was tasered and taken into custody, spending 159 days in the county jail.

Rapp’s defense attorney, Joseph Ludovici, explained Rapp had been off his medication and suicidal at the time of the incident. He has agreed to pay restitution of about $1,547 for police and EMS overtime. Rapp also reportedly has a good job lined up.

He has been placed on three years community control.