Art collection to be on display

SALINEVILLE — Residents and art lovers will have an opportunity tonight and tomorrow to enjoy some international art as well as a taste of Appalachia.

Artist Cindy Benabderrahman will present her collection of work during her show, “Curios”, which will take place at Salt Kettle Florist and Artisan Gallery on 29 East Main Street and will be open to the public. Two receptions will take place, with the first at 7 p.m. today which will serve as a family-friendly event, while Saturday’s display, also starting at 7 p.m., will serve as a cheese-and-wine social for the adults.

Benabderrhaman’s collection will consist of half mixed media art and half photography and will showcase her works while traveling throughout Africa as well as in the Appalachian area.

“Some of the photography I’ve been working on this probably a few years,” Benabderrhaman said. “Some of it is photography that I did while I was in Africa, and then all of the art and paintings are based on Appalachia or my experiences in north Africa.”

Many of the photos that she mentioned come from the Maghreb region in Africa near the Mediterranean Sea, and includes visits to Tunisia and Carthage.

“One, there a lot of stray cats there, especially in the old walled cities, they’re called casbahs,” Benabderrhaman said. “The casbah is the medina, like a old-ancient city with walls around it. We were in Tunis, the capital of Tunisia, and also in Carthage. Some of the things that were coming was all of the mosaic tiles that’s there, even in the streets where you walk, there’s mosaics everywhere.”

The art involving Appalachia, according to Benabderrhaman, are focused of life as she grew up in Amsterdam, Ohio, a small village of about 500 residents located in the northwestern area of Jefferson County, not too far from the Carroll County line.

“I grew up in Amsterdam, Ohio, so just kind of the culture of Appalachia more so than the mountains, like I won’t have paintings of mountains, just cultural things that are here,” Benabderrhaman said. “Like, my grandfather used to take us fishing and, like, animals like owls that you would see around here. Pretty much, it’s my life.”

Several paintings will also be available for sale during the show, including cash and carry prints and items to be hanging on the wall. The paintings will also be hanging in the gallery throughout the fall months, and will conclude in January. For more information, contact the gallery at 330-679-2226.