‘Aiming High’ program eyes emotions

‘Aiming High’ program eyes emotions

SALINEVILLE — The Aiming High program series continues at Southern Local Elementary Schools as students learned more about coping with their feelings.

Lynsi Beagle of the Family Recovery Center in Lisbon began the six-week program earlier this month for fifth- and sixth-graders and returned Nov. 9 with an emphasis on emotions. She spoke to students about different types of emotions from happiness and sadness to anger and fear and also touched upon the intensity of feelings. The aim of her half-hour presentation was to show youth how emotions could influence decisions.

“There are different intensities and strengths of feelings, and we are recognizing the feelings and healthy ways to deal with (situations),” Beagle said. “We make choices based on our feelings all the time and it has a big ripple effect.”

Beagle also provided examples to the students on how anger could lead to a bad decision, but she said there were positive ways to deal with negative situations. The class further discussed “feeling words” such as glad, afraid, and heartbroken to describe the intensity of feelings as well as how the human body indicates signs of emotions through butterflies in the stomach or even sweaty palms, plus skits were performed to further educate the class.

The Aiming High program, which runs until Dec. 14, is offered to different grade levels and messages are customized to suit particular classes. The first four weeks focus on life skills, such as making good decisions, character building, and being good, productive citizens while the final two sessions will center on bullying. “The program differs for each grade and we discuss [such topics as] peer pressure, but as they get older we will talk about drugs and alcohol,” Beagle added.

Guidance Counselor Larry Rudloff said the Family Resource Center has provided programming at the school for at least two decades and their messages have been helpful to students. Rudloff added that it was the first year the program has included second grade and the program will return this spring for the fourth-grade classes.

In addition to school programs, the Family Recovery Center also offers counseling and related services to the community. Programs address substance use and abuse, mental health, education, prevention and stable living environments while all of the services promote individual, family and community wellness by making healthy lifestyle choices.