Dr. Rubin takes part in Election Day

EAST LIVERPOOL — Longtime East Liverpool Dr. Herschel Rubin, 100, cast his vote Tuesday at City Hall along with many other residents.

Rubin said he first voted at the age of 21 in 1937 at St. Stephen’s Church, saying, “The only time I would have missed voting was when I was in the service, and then I would have voted absentee.”

Although he wasn’t sure, Rubin said he believed the first presidential election in which he cast a vote was the 1936 race between Democrat incumbent Franklin D. Roosevelt and Republican opponent Alfred M. Landon.

Although a lifelong Republican, Rubin said, “I imagine I voted for Roosevelt,” saying he has never voted strictly along party lines. “If I want to switch, I switch. Someone called me last night and said, ‘Will you vote for so-and-so?’ and I said, ‘Absolutely not,” the retired optometrist smiled, but declined to say which of the two presidential candidates he ended up voting for.

He was assisted at the polls by his STNA, Amber Beckwith.