Rape suspect dies from overdose


EAST LIVERPOOL — The suspect in a rape reported Tuesday afternoon at the Odd Fellows Temple Apartments died of an overdose Thursday night, according to police.

The 61-year-old victim told police just after noon on Tuesday she had allowed three people she knows to spend Monday night in her apartment because they are homeless.

During the evening, the woman told police, she took a drink from a Pepsi bottle and believes she was drugged, because she woke up with one of the two men she let stay over lying on top of her and he had raped her.

Asked if she had showered before reporting the alleged rape, the woman had not but had changed clothes but could not locate the clothing she was wearing at the time of the incident, police reported.

Officers said they went to the hospital to interview the victim but she seemed under the influence of something and did not respond to questions.

The Pepsi bottle and a sample of coffee were retrieved from her apartment.

On Thursday, the man accused of the rape by the victim, and named in reports as the suspect, overdosed and could not be revived by medical personnel, according to police.

As of Friday, the victim had not contacted police to complete a statement about what happened.