County candidates file finance reports

LISBON – The state representative race is turning out be a lot less expensive than as it was in 2014.

After spending a combined record of $836,465 two years ago, incumbent Republican Tim Ginter and Democratic challenger John Dyce have only spent a total of $143,298 with a little more than a week to go before the Nov. 8 election.

Thursday was the deadline for filing pre-election campaign finances reports, with the candidates for statewide office required to file with the Ohio secretary of state. County candidates must file with the Columbiana County elections board.

Ginter reported spending $76,026, with a balance of $6,639 heading into the final days of the campaign. Dyce spent $67,272 and has a campaign balance of $6,376.

By this time in the 2014 election, Ginter and incumbent Nick Barborak had spent a combined $469,217 on their way to $836,465, a record for the state representative race in Columbiana County. Ginter spent $578,059, a record for a single candidate.

In the 2014 race, most of the contributions came from the state political parties, and that trend appears to be continuing.

Following are the campaign finance reports filed in the other contested races:

County Commissioner

Incumbent Republican Tim Weigle reported spending $4,790 and a balance of $4,076. Democrat Jerry Barnett spent $3,486 and has $1,444 left.

County Recorder

Incumbent Republican Theresa Bosel reported spending $7,952 and a balance of $1,234. Democrat Tiffany Chetock spent $15,792 and has $805 left.

Political Parties

The county Democrat Party spent $10,973 and has a balance of $5,244. The GOP spent $22,605 and has $48,798 left.

Lisbon School

Income Tax Committee

The committee has spent $5,230 to date and has a balance of $415.