Counterfeit bills continue to filter through city

EAST LIVERPOOL – On Friday, East Liverpool Detective Don Fickes issued a warning to local businesses and individuals about a high volume of counterfeit money circulating in the area.

Over the weekend, the city police department dealt with three calls in which customers attempted to use fake bills.

The first call came Saturday at Giant Eagle, Bradshaw Avenue, when a female, described as in her mid-20s, attempted to use a $20 bill which was determined by employees to be counterfeit.

According to reports, when the woman was informed of the counterfeit bill, she told employees “I just cashed my check at Walmart, it can’t be fake.”

Employees refused to return the money, upon the woman’s request, and when told the police had been called, the female quickly exited the store.

On Sunday, two downtown businesses reported dealing with a customer attempting to use counterfeit bills, each occurring within a 15-minute time span, and in both instances, the person was described as a middle-aged man.

Around 2:04 p.m., employees at Bricker’s, East 6th Street, reported a man appeared confused after being told the $5 bill he was attempting to use was counterfeit.

And at 2:18 p.m., employees of Rite Aid, Bradshaw Avenue, reported the attempt to use a counterfeit $10 bill.

According to police, where possible, surveillance video was to be made available.

Fickes had encouraged businesses to begin checking all denominations of bills, stating the ones seized at that point had leaned more toward smaller denominations – fives, tens and twenties. He said smaller bills often are not checked for authenticity as often as much larger bills.