Variety of ballot issues for Nov. election

LISBON – There will be a whopping 35 ballot issues before voters in the Nov. 4 election, including 12 natural gas aggregation issues.

Wednesday was the filing deadline at the county elections board for ballot issues, which included everything from a proposed zoning plan for Center Township to money issues, liquor options and, of course, the gas aggregation issues.

These aggregation issues, if passed, give the village council or township trustees permission to negotiate with suppliers on a lower natural gas rate, with residents and businesses automatically enrolled in the plan, unless they opt out.

Following is a list of the ballot issues by community:


Renewal of 0.75-mill children services levy.

Butler Township

Gas aggregation and new 1.5-mill road levy.

Center Township

Zoning plan, gas aggregation and renewal of 2-mill road levy.


Renewal of 2-mill fire levy.

East Liverpool

New 4-mill police levy and new 2-mill general operating levy.

East Liverpool School District..

Renewal of a 6.5-mill operating levy.

East Palestine

New 5-mill street levy.

Elkrun Township

Renewal of 1-mill fire levy and liquor option for Lock 24 restaurant, seeking permission to sell alcoholic beverages on Sunday.

Franklin Township

Renewal of 3-mill fire levy.

Hanover Township

Gas aggregation, renewal of 1.1-mill fire levy and renewal of 1.1 road levy.


Gas aggregation.

Knox Township

Gas aggregation and liquor option to sell alcoholic beverages at the Sleepy Hollow Golf Club, Homeworth Road, from Monday through Saturday.


Gas aggregation.

Liverpool Township

Existing 2-mill road levy, with 2-mills added on.

Madison Township

Gas aggregation and new 1.5-mill road levy.

Middleton Township

Gas aggregation.

Perry Township

Gas aggregation.


Renewal of 1-mill park levy but as a replacement levy, which will result in a property tax increase.

Salem School District

Renewal of 6.7-mill operating levy.

Southern Local School District

Renewal of 7.84-mill operating levy.


New 1.5-mill fire levy.

Unity Township

Gas aggregation.

Washington Township

Renewal of 3-mill fire levy for the Highlandtown Fire Department.

Wayne Township

Existing 2-mill road levy, with 1-mill added on.

West Township

Gas aggregation.