No bids for road work results in change of plans

EAST LIVERPOOL – A list of neighborhood streets earmarked for resurfacing this summer has been pared down a bit after no companies bid on the work, prompting officials to look to another source for paving.

Service-Safety Director Ryan Estell told City Council this week that no bids were received for the paving project advertised that would include numerous streets in the Pleasant Heights, Bradshaw, Orchard Grove, East End, Gardendale and Ninth Street areas.

Council members had chosen the streets earlier this summer from among the many that need attention, picking those they believed needed work the worst.

Since no bids were received, Estell spoke with the county and received the name of a highly respected contractor who he plans to speak with about doing the project.

However, with this contractor doing the work, the cost will be slightly higher than originally anticipated, and Estell said he used an Excell computer program to determine how to best utilize the available funds, which will come from the recently approved street levy.

The program resulted in Ceramic, Reynolds, Andrews (Pennsylvania to Cleveland) and Boyce having to be removed from this year’s paving project, and Estell said this will bring the city within $29.23 of its proposed budget.

In other matters, Cadmus Street resident John Hedrick addressed council about what he called a nuisance neighbor, saying there is garbage in the yard, a half-demolished garage and other issues.

Hedrick also complained about the top of Cadmus Street being washed out.

His concerns were directed to street committee Chairman Scott Barrett and to Mayor Jim Swoger.