Suspected overdose death investigated in village

WELLSVILLE – The body of a woman discovered behind a Wellsville home on Saturday is believed to be the victim of a drug overdose, but village police are waiting on the results of an autopsy before confirming that as the cause.

Wellsville Police were called to 804 Broadway at approximately 1 p.m. July 26 after receiving calls from neighbors who said they had seen a group of individuals carrying an unconscious person on the property.

Officer Shawn Bloor says that upon arrival, he was flagged down by a witness who said he had seen someone carried out to the back of the house. There, police found a deceased woman later identified as Melissa Clutter, 32, seated in a chair behind the residence.

Bloor says their initial investigation points to Clutter overdosing at the residence, where others in the house attempted to perform CPR on her. Police believe they were going to take her to the emergency room, but one of the group panicked and drove away in his vehicle, which would have been used to transport her to the hospital.

Four people were still at the house when police arrived, and they were questioned by officers. “The ones in there, when I interviewed them, were admitted drug users,” Bloor said. However, no drugs or paraphernalia were found in the residence when the subjects were interviewed, with Lt. Ed Wilson stressing that arrests would have been made had that been the case. “If there was, they would have been charged for it,” he said.

Bloor said there were no signs of foul play at the scene and that a drug overdose seems the apparent cause of death, pending results from the county coroner’s autopsy report.

No home residence has yet been determined for Clutter because statements taken indicated that she had recently stayed in several places across the valley, including Salem, Empire, Toronto and Steubenville. “She was moving around, so we can’t pin down where she was really living,” Wilson said.