Trustees move forward with plans for new road levy

LaCROFT – Liverpool Township trustees voted to move forward with putting a new road levy before township voters this coming November. The topic dominated discussion at the Monday evening meeting, where it was approved unanimously.

The proposed new levy would put an additional 2-mill levy over the previous road levy passed in 1992, which generated just under $100,000. According to trustee Steve Betteridge, that levy was also 2 mills, but is presently at $49,000, with approximately half of its original value.

The new levy would net an additional $100,000 for the fund, which Betteridge says is badly in need of additional income. “Our road fund is in the worst position of all our departments,” he said.

Betteridge says trustees are in the middle of a four-part process that is being undertaken to have the levy ready for November. Trustees have requested paperwork from the county treasurer’s office and anticipate receiving it from treasurer before the next meeting, scheduled for June 23. “We’ll continue on from there to see where we’re at,” he said.

The actual levy wording, as it will appear on the November ballot, will be available by the next meeting.

Betteridge admits that the new levy would “raise the taxpayers a little bit of money,” and has heard from constituents with concerns about what the proposed new levy would cost them annually, which he understands. Other residents, while not eager to pay more taxes, recognize the need to stay ahead of road issues before they become unmanageable.

However, he says that doing so is necessary to keep up with maintaining township roads, especially equipment costs. He cited costs of $130,000 for a new heavy-duty truck and $147,000 for a new backhoe, equipment which the township will soon need to replace.