Rotary to help raise funds to fix pool

EAST LIVERPOOL – The local Rotary is stepping up to help the city overhaul the Burchfield Cartwright Municipal Pool in Thompson Park.

The 70-year-old pool holds a special place in Mayor Jim Swoger’s heart – he and his wife Amy spend both time and money to keep it open each summer.

This year, Swoger sent the East Liverpool Rotary a letter asking if it could consider an $8,000 donation toward needed repairs.

Instead, the Rotary has made the pool’s total renovation its major 2014-15 project, aiming to raise the estimated $100,000 needed to repair the pool and deck.

If possible, the organization would like to raise enough to also refurbish the pool house, according to member Jeff Cartwright Smith, the son-in-law of Burchfield Cartwright, the long-time park board member for whom the pool is named.

Currently, committees are forming to move forward with the project, including one to engage the community, which Smith said is important to its success.

Until fund raising events are scheduled, those interested in making donations can do so by calling Smith at 330-385-2843.