Mayor releases list of applicants for chief position

WELLSVILLE – The business of selecting a new chief of police continues in Wellsville, where the process has been marked by rancor and contention among some village residents. More information about the appointment process was released by Mayor Susan Haugh on Monday.

At the previous village council meeting on June 17, Haugh stated that Wellsville Police Lt. Ed Wilson is amongst her “top three” choices for the post in response to the stated opinion of some residents who have spoken out at council meetings in the belief that Wilson was unfairly being excluded from consideration.

That revelation has prompted speculation on who the other applicants are, including the other favorites for the chief’s position.

Asked about the other names on Monday, Haugh emailed a list of the other applicants for the job to The Review, declining to give further details about the individuals at this time. She said that several of the applicants are currently employed with other departments, and she was concerned about their present jobs being endangered if their employers discovered they had applied for the chief’s spot in Wellsville.

Haugh had previously stated that there had been four applicants for the position from within the Wellsville Police Department. In addition to Lt. Wilson, they include Marsha Eisenhart, Michael Harty and Jeff Weekly, as well as former village officer Justin Wright, who now serves with the Liverpool Township Police Department.

The other application packets that Haugh says have been received and reviewed are from the following individuals: Vernon Barkley, Gerald Cummins, Francis Doig, Steven Klopfenstein, Abe Long, John Matula, Deano McNeil, Douglas Miller, Michael Morris, Donnell Tanksley and Travis Thickstun.

Haugh added that since last week’s meeting, she has further narrowed the field of applicants and is closer to having an appointee ready to bring before council for a vote.