Ginter’s campaign balance quickly rises

LISBON – It did not take long for Republican state representative candidate Tim Ginter to make up ground on incumbent Nick Barborak in terms of campaign money.

Ginter reported a campaign balance of $11,600 as of June 13, the filing deadline for post-primary election campaign finance reports. Two months before, Ginter reported a zero balance in his pre-election finance report.

All but $100 of Ginter’s contributions came from Ginni D. Ragan of Columbus, who listed her occupation as a philanthropist. A November 2012 Columbus Dispatch story described Ragan as an elder-care advocate for the past 20 years, whose late father was chairman of Greif, Inc., a global industrial packaging manufacturer based in Delaware County. She is also active in Republican politics.

Barborak, D-Lisbon, reported a balance of $17,231 in his pre-election finance report, which declined to $10,562 in his post-election report after spending $8,119 over the past two months.

Neither had any opposition in the May 6 primary election and automatically advance to the Nov. 4 general election. By then, both candidates will have received and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, if the 2012 state representative race is any indication.

In that election, Barborak defeated incumbent Republican Craig Newbold after being outspent by Newbold, $508,146 to $293,356, making it the most expensive political race in Columbiana County history.

The following is a list of some of the other post-election campaign finance reports filed by last week’s deadline.

County Commissioner

Dan Bailey defeated Nathan Walker to win the Democratic nomination, but neither filed a report.

Republican incumbent Mike Halleck reported a campaign balance of $7,107.

County Auditor

Republican incumbent Nancy Milliken reported a zero balance in her campaign fund after having spent nothing.

Brandon Kovach, her Democratic challenger, spent $326 and has a balance of $651.

County Political Parties

The Democratic Party spent $1,465 and has a balance of $8,608. The Republican Party only spent $150, leaving it with a campaign balance of $46,183 going into the fall election.