Board opposes handbook changes

EAST LIVERPOOL – Changes to student handbooks for the upcoming school year were not approved by the board of education Monday night after questions were raised.

The issue had been tabled at the last meeting at the request of board member Scott Dieringer, who moved to have the issue removed from the table last night.

However, in the voting, all but board member Larry Walton opposed the handbook changes, with Dieringer saying some of the conduct rules had not been changed and that the board had not had enough time to review the changes.

“We, as a board, need to tighten up,” Dieringer said.

Board member Bob Estell also made reference to it having come to the board’s attention that “someone” took it upon himself to send the handbooks to the printer, even though they had not yet been approved by the board, and he based his ‘no’ vote on that.

After the meeting both Estell and board President Janice Martin said they were “going to find out” who made that decision.

Also taken from the table, but getting a unanimous vote of approval, was a recommendation to purchase $56,100 worth of electronic math and reading curriculum materials from Curriculum Associates. The purchase includes staff training.

A recommendation to amend contract work days for school psychologists Kathryn Stevens, Tiffany Krise and Lindsey Monnat to 217 was also approved.

Following an hour-long executive session, the board returned and voted to uphold a student suspension based on a May 15 incident.

Personnel matters approved by the board included:

– Nancy Flores, Anne Lynn Swoger, limited one-year teaching contracts

– Tim Sarge, varsity wrestling coach; Ryan Willis, varsity baseball coach; and David Dozier, assistant varsity baseball coach

– Family and medical leave for Amy Hardman, superintendent’s secretary, June 1 to Dec. 31, as needed.