Village committee seeks ideas on publicizing properties

WELLSVILLE – Members of the Wellsville Council Property Committee met on Monday afternoon to discuss options for the numerous properties that the village purchased on Main Street last month.

John Morrow mentioned his desire to have one of the buildings leased or purchased by a gas or oil drilling company to serve as office space for one of their regional operations.

From there, Tony Cataldo asked village solicitor Andy Beech about the possibility requiring a minimum bid if it were to bid out certain properties for sale to the public. Beech replied by recommending that the matter be addressed in executive session. “We don’t want to have any discussions that’s going to give anybody an unfair advantage for the sale or lease of real property for public bidding purposes,” he said.

Cataldo did state that the properties to be discussed were the former Mills Insurance Agency building on Main Street and the site of the former Lincoln China pottery at the corner of Ninth and Commerce streets.

After returning to public session, Cataldo asked Beech about the possibility of promoting the village properties for sale or lease by placing advertisements within gas and oil drilling industry trade publications. “Instead of sitting on these, let’s get some ads out there somewhere,” he said.

Cataldo also suggested getting the Columbiana County Port Authority involved in the promotional effort, asking CCPA CEO Tracy Drake to publicize the properties with his contacts.

Beech approved of the ideas, but said before taking those steps, files should be compiled on the buildings and properties up for offer, including specifications and conditions.

As for the port authority, Beech said the village should invite Drake to come and tour the properties in question, so he might have a better idea of what is being offered and who might be interested. “It doesn’t hurt to talk to him,” Beech said. He cautioned only that these steps should not be undertaken until the files on each property are completed and ready for review.

In other news:

* A second public hearing on the village revitalization district will be held this evening at 5 p.m. in council chambers, with the regular council meeting set to follow at 6 p.m.