Replacement pumps on order for BWD

WELLSVILLE – The Buckeye Water District has come to an agreement with its insurance carrier over a raw water pump that failed in March, according to board President Mike Ryan. “The insurance company is going to pay $88,000 on the pump and $15,000 on the motor,” he said.

At the board’s meeting this week, district manager Al DeAngelis said that the two new pumps approved for purchase are in the process of being manufactured. Being built specially to plant specifications, however, the delivery wait will be long.

“They told us anywhere between 14 and 16 weeks,” DeAngelis said.

The raw water pump station at the north end of Wellsville, which supplies river water to the treatment plant on state Route 45, has been operating on one pump since March 20, when a second pump at the facility suffered a catastrophic failure. A third, diesel-powered pump reserved for emergency purposes has been on standby.

The order includes two new Deming pumps supplied through Excel Fluid Group in Cleveland for $72,500 each, plus a $19,000 rotating assembly. Including installation at the pump station, total costs are calculated at $164,000, which will be paid for from leftover funds from the construction of the water treatment plant and pump station in 2009.

The electric motor that runs the pump was also damaged in the incident and will be rebuilt for $15,000 under the insurance settlement.

In other news, BWD launched its new Web site,, late last month and have been adding content to the site ever since. The news was reported this week on the district’s Facebook page, which was established last September.

The new site will provide more information to BWD customers than ever before available, according to Computer Committee chairman Mike Lynn, from water line break alerts to instructions for establishing service. Though all the links are active, there are some pages with information yet to be filled in.

Lynn says the committee is currently looking into online pay sites such as PayPal that would give customers the option to make bill payments through the site, eliminating the need for postal mailings of bills and payments.

Engineering Committee chairman Gene McGaffick announced that another long-awaited water-line extension project will soon get underway. Bids for phase one of the Frederick Heights project will be released in the coming weeks after engineering documents are completed.

The project will cost approximately $460,000.