Flagpole fittingly dedicated on holiday of remembrance

LA CROFT – The American flag that waves high above the township section of Spring Grove Cemetery is now held aloft by a new flagpole, which was fittingly dedicated the morning of Memorial Day.

According to Mike Campbell, commander of the Sons of the American Legion from Post 374 in East Liverpool, the previous flagpole dated back roughly 150 years. Having rusted from the inside out for decades, the situation had become untenable.

Ernest Cross, commander of the American Legion Post 374, said the flagpole was no longer worthy of serving its intended purpose at the cemetery. “We just felt that our comrades deserve better,” he said.

Motivated by that sentiment, Campbell and some of his fellow Sons officers raised the funds for the purchase. “In order to honor our veterans here in our section of the cemetery, we took it upon ourselves to raise enough money to buy the material from Heritage,” he said.

Campbell was quick to thank the other generous supporters who contributed to the project. They included Heritage Thermal Services, Mike Campbell, Jeff Badgley, Dan Vrable, Steve Banfield, Jeff Moore and Liverpool Township trustees, who lent the use of township equipment to erect the new pole.

Mayor Jim Swoger was present at the dedication ceremony, saying that even though the flagpole is in the township section of the cemetery, it was important for him to be present and pay his respects to the veterans there.

“As an American, none of us should ever have boundaries,” he said. “Today is a day of honor, to honor all that served, and that’s where I’m going to be.”