Council looks to cap sewer lines

SALINEVILLE – Council got the ball rolling Monday on an ordinance to cap sanitary sewer pipes of abandoned or burnt down homes in the village.

“It came up because so many houses are being burnt down or scrapped,” said Councilman Brian Zaverl. “It’s something that most people don’t think about.”

The ordinance was suggested to council by Board of Public Affairs member Kim Adams who said County Engineer Bert Dawson had recommended it to him. Adams said a permit issued by the village would be required to verify that the capping was completed. The aim of the ordinance is to keep sewer run-off from the abandoned houses draining into the village sewer system.

“I think a lot of this is so the county knows we have an ordinance in place, so when they come in to tear the buildings down they know the sewer is blocked off and all the run-off isn’t going into the sewer,” said Councilman John Higgins.

Council members said they would not charge a fee for the permit required for the capping process. The contractor, or whomever performs the demolition of a building, would be responsible for obtaining a permit and making the sure the sewer line was capped.

Village solicitor Andy Beech was tasked with drafting the ordinance. Council members asked that he add a provision stating that a village employee must inspect the sewer line cap to insure it has been installed.

“Somebody from the village has to actually see the cap on that line,” said councilman John Wilson.