Storms claim old barn

LISBON – The storms that passed through the area on Friday evening brought heavy rains and high winds across the River Valley. The gusting winds brought down tree branches and caused widespread minor damage, but were not severe enough to cause any serious destruction.

Except on East Liverpool Road in Lisbon.

The historic Crockery City barn, weakened by time and in disrepair, collapsed after a wall was blown in by a particularly strong gust. The barn, situated less than a mile south of the state Route 11 interchange, had already been leaning to one side according to Tom Mackey, whose wife, Barbara, owns the property.

The Mackeys live on the other side of the road down a long driveway and were alerted to the collapse by a neighbor. “Somebody came and told us it was gone,” he said while surveying the scene.

Due to its age and condition, Mackey believes something eventually would have brought it down. “It was just a matter of time, that’s all it was,” he said. “And the wind was here to help it.”

Mackey couldn’t say when the structure was built, but offered an educated guess. “We think it was late 1930s – ’38 or ’37, maybe.” The house on the property dates to 1945, and they’re certain the barn predates it.

There was no apparent damage to any other buildings nearby. Mackey says the building wasn’t insured except for liability, but it was not being used for anything other than storage, and nothing of any great value was inside.

The most significant items were a pair of old horse-drawn wagons, which Mackey says are used for hayrides. One of the wagons was visible in the rubble of the collapsed barn, and appeared damaged but mostly intact.

The neighbor who alerted the Mackeys was Courtney Hissom, who lives directly across the road from the property. While she didn’t see the barn come down, she vividly recalled feeling it. “The house shook. It sounded like a freight train was coming by,” she said. While going through her home to see what had happened and make sure nothing had been damaged, she looked out her front window and saw the shocking scene. “One minute it was there, and the next minute it was gone.”

Hissom says she was sad to see a historic building, which she enjoyed viewing every day, now gone.”It’s such a shame,” she said. “I’m going to miss it.”