Sewage plant grant hits snag

SALINEVILLE – A typo could have prevented the village from receiving a much-needed state grant for the village waste water treatment plant according to Board of Public Affairs members.

At at meeting Monday, board members explained they intended to use the $12,500 grant for the the purchase and installation of a main pump for the village waste water treatment plant. Mayor Mary Smith applied for the grant in early 2013 and announced the village had been selected by the state to receive the grant earlier this year.

Board members say the plant has three 10-horse power main pumps and only one is currently working properly. The grant process requires board members to gather at least three quotes, which they did. However, it was later discovered that the quotes had been gathered for a 15-horse power pump rather than a 10 -horse power pump as intended.

“Basically, it was a typo,” said Board President James Brammer.

When the mistake was discovered recently, Brammer said he called the Columbiana County Economic Development Office and spoke with Marie Cox to see whether the typo could hurt the village’s chances of receiving the grant money. He said Cox told him the village could “go with the 10-horse power”, although he did not elaborate on how this change could be made.

“She didn’t think there will be a problem,” said Brammer.

Board members said the seemingly minor detail could have had a significant impact on the operation of the waste water treatment plant. Brammer said the large horse power pump would not have fit on the concrete pads which hold each of the three pumps at the plant.

“I just didn’t want to get into larger pumps than we need,”said Brammer

Board members voted to table the motion to approve the quotes they had gathered for the incorrect sized pump until they “heard back from the county.”