Questions result in failure to renew contracts

EAST LIVERPOOL – The city school board Monday night failed to renew three employee contracts after questions were raised about the positions.

After an executive session of more than 90 minutes called to discuss employment, the board voted 3-2 against the extra-curricular contract of Robert Shansky as athletic director. Shansky is also a teacher in the district.

Board President Janice Martin and members Scott Dieringer and Brian Allen voted against the appointment, but only Dieringer offered any comment, saying he believes the athletic director position should be an administrative post.

Shansky would have been paid $5,176 for the position.

Dieringer pointed out he has held the same belief since he has been on the board, saying the position needs to be held by someone who has adequate time to devote to it, not after completing a day of teaching duties.

Asked after the meeting what will happen regarding the post, Martin said since it is a bargaining unit position, the board will have to further discuss what to do.

The contract of assistant athletic director M. Quinn Carter was approved unanimously, as was Shansky’s appointment as varsity volleyball coach.

The board tabled action on the one-year contract of high school vocational teacher John Torma and the extra-curricular appointment of sports information director Jimmy Joe Savage until its next meeting, giving no particulars.

Martin said afterward that Torma, who started his position just this school year, was required to take some classes in regard to his position but has not yet and said there is some question regarding Savage using a watermark on photographs he takes for the school district then selling them for profit.

She indicated legal counsel will be consulted regarding their contracts.

A motion by board member Larry Walton to vote on the 49 limited teaching contracts which included Torma’s initially died for lack of a second but then passed once the issue of Torma’s contract was tabled.

The other 48 contracts were approved unanimously.

Dieringer also voted against a recommendation to approve a grievance settlement filed by Lisa Palmer in September, although he gave no reason. Details of the grievance or settlement were not discussed.

The board also voted in favor of placing an emergency levy renewal on the Nov. 4 election ballot, which Treasurer Todd Puster said is “nothing new,” since it is the same levy approved by voters five years ago. Taxes will not be increased by its passage.

Plans and specifications for roofing improvements at Westgate were accepted, and the board agreed to advertise for bids for the project, estimated to cost about $500,000.

A buildings and grounds committee meeting held prior to the board session resulted in the recommendation for a less costly replacement than a metal roof that was considered. It would have cost between $750,000 and $900,000 with a lifespan about 10-15 years longer than the less expensive alternative.

The board also approved advertising for bids for an expansion tank and main distribution panel at the high school, both projects not completed under the Ohio School Facilities Commission improvement project that will be paid under the same project guidelines, with the OSFC paying 87 percent of the cost and the district the remaining 13 percent.

The expansion tank is estimated to cost between $15,000 and $20,000 and the MDP, about $80,000.

Among other personnel matters approved by the board were several resignations, including that of North Elementary Principal Paula Ekis, who has held the position four years; teacher Karen Kavulick, with 30.5 years service; custodian Linda Allen, with 29 years of service; and teachers’ aides Sandra Bevington, with 25 years of service and Jerrica Talbott with two years of service.

Athletic contracts approved included: Nate Conley, varsity boys basketball; William (Andy) Miller, assistant varsity boys basketball; Scott Thornberry, varsity cross country and varsity boys track; Tonyea Roberts, equipment manager and varsity girls track; Lori Adkins, assistant varsity girls track; Michele Davis, swimming; Amanda Reed, 9th grade volleyball; Beverly DeSarro, 7th grade volleyball; Joseph Wines, 8th grade boys basketball; Joseph Davis, bowling; Charles Payne, assistant boys varsity soccer; Kimberly DiLoreto, varsity girls tennis; Rebecca Jordan, assistant varsity volleyball; and Hali DeSarro, 8th grade volleyball.

Other contracts approved were Greg Adkins, sophomore advisor and ticket manager; Lisa Gealy and Alison Jackson, assistant varsity cheerleading advisors;